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Developing an online course involves a fundamental rethinking of the course, the content, the learning activities, and the desired learning outcomes. Online instruction is more than a series of readings posted to a Web site; it requires deliberate instructional design that hinges on linking learning objectives to specific learning activities and measurable outcomes. It is not a translation of what you do in the traditional in-class environment. It is an adaptation to the online environment.” (Educause 2006). And this is where the ¬†7RD2 Process¬†comes in.

The 7RD2 process covers both the course development and the course delivery process for the next generation online learning. Each stage is accompanied by forms/rubrics and a balanced approach between the course developer and faculty teaching the course.

The process has been used successfully in multiple programs at various universities in the United States.



photo of Mark Gaspar

Mark Gaspar

Faculty, School of Business

Faculty, School of Business at Cairn University. In addition to teaching at Cairn, Mark teaches for The Ohio State University John Glenn College of Public Affairs. He began teaching at the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs and has also taught at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. His courses include criminal justice, politics, policy analysis, professional writing, and economics, as well as transnational and homeland security, counterterrorism, project and operations management, cybersecurity, negotiations, international business, and business strategy development.

Sali Kaceli

Sali Kaceli

Director, Cairn Online

Sali serves as Director of Cairn Online and Educational Technology at Cairn University.

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